Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One Thimble Issue 11 - Crossover Flounce Dress

It's time for a new issue of One Thimble and I love the Crossover Flounce Dress from
Designs by Call Ajaire!

I chose this dress for the blog tour because Bitty Bee is hitting a growth spurt and is running out of dresses that she can wear to church on Sundays.  The Crossover Flounce Dress gives her two different dresses without taking up extra space in her closet.

I really love the asymetricical lines of the skirt, and the pop of contrast that can be added.

For the first side, I picked Tamara Kate's Nature Walk, which is perfect for spring and summer.  It's light and carefree, whimsical and fun.

For the second side, I went with one of the prints from Prima, from Quilt Gate.  It's a deep purple color and really makes a statement.

This dress features a double layer full skirt, which is perfect for girls who still love to twirl!

The construction of this one was like no other dress I've done, and it turned out perfectly!  I admit, I was scratching my head at a couple of the steps, but I was very happy when it all worked.  I think I have a new favorite method for making fully lined bodices!

Another favorite part of this pattern is that I didn't have to gather anything!  As a mom of a girl, quite a few patterns have ruffles.  Fortunately for me, Bitty Bee is starting to outgrow ruffles, but some patterns still have gathered skirts.  Because of the full circle skirt, nothing had to be gathered when making this dress, which speeds up the sewing process immensely.  Mainly because I don't sit around avoiding the gathering...

The pattern also has the option for making the dress with long sleeves, but since we live in Texas and it's the end of spring, long sleeves just aren't practical.  I'll plan another one in the winter, for her to wear during the 2-3 weeks that we will have cold weather.

Bitty Bee is in love with her new two-in-one dress.  What girl wouldn't love it?

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