Friday, May 30, 2014

What's to come

So, this morning I had oral surgery to have a tooth extracted and instead of being a good little patient, I'm unable to lie still and rest.  I figured that writing a blog post can't hurt, at least I'm not up and moving around, right?  I am eating some scrambled eggs because I'm getting tired of milkshakes and pudding already.  

While I was trying to lie still earlier, my mind kept racing on projects I want to try and things I want to accomplish with both Bee Quilted Beauties and with MaeFlowers & JuneBugs.  I have a great sew-a-long in the works for us in June!!!  And it's one that can be done as something for our daughters, their AG dolls, or for us!  Details to come tomorrow in our fb group, Bee Quilted Beauties!

I'm also going to start up again with our Molly & Me Features, only now I'll be putting them here on the blog instead of just on fb.  I'll be doing pattern reviews with Molly & Me as well.  Let me know which designers you would like to see featured as a Molly & Me!!!  

One of my fave Molly & Me Features,
The Butterfly Sets!

As for my personal projects, I got an idea earlier today for a new corset with faux lacing on the sides.  I'm thinking some really wide, sheer ribbon would look awesome laced down the sides of a corset.  I'm also thinking about making it out of quilting cotton, so I'll be picking some new fabric out next week when I go down to help mom with the shipments coming in next week!  

Until next time, Beauties!


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