Friday, September 12, 2014

Adventures with Layna, Holly and Molly

Today, we had to go into Dallas to pay Layna's Girl Scout dues and the Council office is within 5 miles of the Dallas American Girl Store, so we just had to stop in!  Especially since they just re-released Samantha and I wanted to see her.  Samantha was the AG doll that my parents got me when I was about Layna's age and I still have her.  She's put up in storage for now.

We recently added a new AG doll to our family and Layna has named her Holly.  I was so excited to find a genuine American Girl doll at a resell shop for only $40.  She's one of the My American Girl dolls and Layna loves her.  But for an outing to the AG Store, she needed a new outfit.  So Layna helped me out in the sewing room thing morning.

She did a good job cutting, ironing and sewing this morning!  Shortly after lunch, Molly and Holly had new matching outfits and were ready for a day out!

However, they were both in need of a trip to the salon!  So off we went!

Layna liked looking around while we waited for Holly and Molly to get their hair done.  My favorite part was seeing Samantha on display all over the store!  Layna wanted to take home Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor.  Maybe for Christmas!

After their hair was done, we had to stop by the Bistro for a treat!  Holly and Molly got to enjoy a nice cup of tea with us!  Don't they look great?

Here are my girls in their matching outfits, all made from Henry Glass Fabrics.  

Bye-bye AG Store!!!

Patterns we used: 

Doll Tops: Sweet and Simple Shirt by Carla C Dolly Designs (I cannot find the link for this pattern, if I find it, I will update)

We had a blast today making our matching AG outfits and having a fun day in the American Girl Store!  Now it's time to get Layna and her girls in bed!!!  G'night!

~Princess Bee~

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