Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bee Inspired: In the Kitchen

Hey Good Looking, What ya got cooking?  Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen, why not make some goodies to use while you're in there?  I've rounded up some tutorials on Pinterest that are a little different than most of your usual kitchen sewing projects.

If your kitchen is anything like mine, and your kids are like mine, there is never a hand towel to be found when I need one.  My kids think that after drying their hands just one time, the towel needs to be thrown in the laundry.  I try to keep one or two hanging from the oven, but they don't stick around long, the kids don't take the time to re-hang them right so they're always on the floor.  What if they just had to toss the towel in the direction of the oven and it would just stick?  Wouldn't that be awesome?  This easy tutorial walks you through how to make that happen.

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On the topic of towels and such, have you seen the latest craze of "un-paper towels"?  Talk about a way to save in the budget, not having to buy any more paper towels!!!  I've seen a few different ways to make them, but this way looks to be the easiest.

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Another thing I've noticed in my kitchen is that I have a problem finding two pot holders when I need them.  Usually, I've got one or I have two of the glove style ones, but they're for the same hand, so I'm still out of luck.  This pretty pot holder solves that problem!  And it's so sweet, too!  Perfect for a housewarming gift!

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I think I have a few little projects to do this week for my kitchen!  These are adorable!  You can find more on our Kitchen Craft board on Pinterest.

~Princess Bee~

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