Friday, October 24, 2014

Pre-Quilt Market 2014

Wow, what a week it's been!!!  But the good news is that we made it to Houston and are ready for Quilt Market in the morning!!!

I had no idea when I headed to the Beehive one week ago just how crazy and hectic things would be over the next seven days.  I got to town Friday evening, enjoyed a nice dinner out with my parents and the kids, and that night started work on an Elsa dress for a customer.  I'm getting out of the costume business, so she was my last official custom order.  In between chasing kids and cutting out Elsa and also Layna's Halloween costume (a vampire mermaid), I was also making sure the website was ready for our Second Annual Quilt Market Sale.  Little did I know that that was the calm before the storm.

Sunday at 4:00, the sale went live.  I gotta say, my abs were hurting so bad after all the laughing we did!!!  Things were going fast, we had minimal issues on the new website, it was a blast!  Granted, our previous plan of starting to cut fabric as orders came in was pretty much shot.  Here's what the shelves looked like before the sale:


Nice and full, right?  Like I said, calm before the storm.  I wasn't able (ok, I forgot) to take a picture of the shelves when I left the Beehive today to head to Houston.  However, the night of the sale, I did manage to get a picture of Queen Bee for you all!


After the chaos of the sale, we needed that drink!!!  But the work was only beginning.  We spent the next few days cutting like crazy, and I was also still sewing like crazy to finish the Elsa dress.  I finished Elsa on Tuesday afternoon and I cannot wait to see my customer in it with her hair and makeup all done!  She loved the dress and is going to be a beautiful Elsa!!!  Here is the dress on the dress form before she picked it up.

070   072

Of course, Layna didn't want an Elsa dress until she saw this one.  I told her tough, she's getting a vampire mermaid.  Which I will be working on here in the hotel room this weekend.  Nothing like confusing the bellhops as they unload sewing machines from your truck.  They were really confused by the serger.  I was amused.

Now it's time for me to get off here and get the sewing machines set up.  I want to make a new infinity scarf to wear tomorrow out of some Art Gallery voile.  Be sure you follow us on Instagram to see what we're up to tomorrow!

~*~Princess Bee~*~

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