Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Playing Make Believe with GYCT

This week at GYCT Designs is all about Make Believe!!!  I love dressing up and playing around in my costumes.  Yes, I am a 33 year old fairy who loves to don her wings and go flying at the Renaissance Festivals!  Many of you probably know me for my embroidered fairy wings that I used to sell under MaeFlowers & JuneBugs.  Here I am at Scarborough Renaissance Festivaljust south of Dallas.  These have been the largest successful pair of wings I have made so far, with a three foot wingspan.  I love them!  And I can’t wait to go back to another faire!

Also, I played Make Believe at my wedding recently with my fabulous bridesmaids!!!  Photo is by Studio Eleven Photography, who did an amazing job photographing my wedding.  If you’re in South Texas, look her up!!!

Bitty Bee also loves playing Make Believe and is just like her momma, taking the form of fairy quite often.

As much as I love the embroidered wings, I wanted a way to make wings that I could include her in the process a little more.  A way for her to pick and choose how her wings turned out.  I started tinkering around and playing with different materials, seeing what I could do with felt (which is what I was using for the embroidered wings), vinyl, and then craft foam.  The craft foam was perfect!  It was available in a variety of colors, different thicknesses, even glittered!  And it can be decorated with glitter glue!!!

We did a few trial and error runs before I get it just right.  I put it together as a PDF and listed it on my etsy shop, back when I had the wing shop.  When Chelsea from GYCT posted about Make Believe Week, I knew that I had the perfect tutorial!  Click here to download the PDF and start getting creative!!!
Happy flying!
AKA Princess Bee

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