Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Home Organization Challenge: Week 1

Anyone who knows me, knows that clutter is my mortal enemy.  It surrounds me at all times.
I don't plan on it always being present, it just is.
It doesn't help that I'm not the most organized of people and I'm not a fan of cleaning.
I'm allergic, I swear.  Ask Queen Bee.  I get sick every time I clean anything.

But my household is suffering because of the clutter.
My sewing is taking a backseat to stress and distractions because I can't focus on sewing with all this clutter around me and on my mind.

It's time for a change.

A couple weeks ago, someone in one of my groups posted a link to this group on facebook about organizing and I joined on a whim.  I didn't know that the group owner was from A Bowl Full of Lemons and she has a published book on home organizing.  I also didn't know that on January 9, she was starting her 2016 Home Organization Challenge.

Challenge Accepted.

This week, we start with the kitchen.  Mine is a chaotic mess.

I've gotten about 1/4 of it done so far, luckily it's a weekly challenge, so I have until Friday to get the rest done!  I'll be breaking it up over the next few days.

I didn't get a picture of the before of all of our medicines and supplements, but the top space is over the sink and was completely full of different medications and supplements, and the cupboard was a disorganized mess that resulted in having to take everything out just to find a Band-Aid.  Not fun.

And because of the tornado that came through the day after Christmas and us having no power for 3 days, the fridge and freezer are going to be easy!  We've already thrown out everything in there and they're still rather bare.  Restocking everything we lost is taking some time, but that's ok.  We don't need everything all at once anyway.

On Friday, I'll post the rest of my kitchen progress!

~*~Princess Bee~*~

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