Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rolled Hem Foot How-To

Anyone who knows me knows about my love affair with scarves, especially infinity scarves.  I have one that I got as a Christmas gift last year from my future sister-in-law and I wear it frequently.  And now that we've been getting more beautiful voile fabrics from Art Gallery, FreeSpirit and Cloud 9, I'm having fun making new infinity scarves.  Did you see the one I made for Bitty Bee last week?  I'll walk you through how to make one for your own little one or for yourself.

I love using voile for infinity scarves because the wrong side of the fabric doesn't look much different from the right side, so you don't have to make the fabric tube like when using fabric that has a big difference between the right and wrong sides.  This cuts down on the time drastically!  But using a rolled hem foot can seem intimidating.  Here's what it looks like, for those unfamiliar with it.


The one that I'm using for infinity scarves makes a very narrow rolled hem, and you can get larger ones.  The concept is a pretty simple one with this foot, as you feed the fabric through, the foot is rolling it and stitching, creating the rolled hem.  When using this foot, make sure that you're working with the wrong side of your fabric facing up.  You don't want to have your hem facing the wrong way!

To make it easier to feed into the foot, I like to snip the corner of my fabric, shown above.  You can see that I didn't cut the selvage edge off before I started sewing.  I did cut it on my other scarves that I have been working on, though.  It can be trimmed off later.
I was able to take a short video of how the fabric looks as it's being fed through to give you an idea of what it should look like.

The rolled hem foot is very easy to use and a quick way to add a professional looking hem on your projects.  Are you ready to make an infinity scarf now?  Check back this weekend for the scarf tutorial and flat felled seams tips.
~*~Princess Bee~*~

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