Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School with Bee Quilted Beauties: CKC Day 2

Today, we're continuing on our BTS Series with the adorable Create Kids Couture outfit.  We last talked about the Clarissa's Belted Pants, today let's talk about Sabrina's Ruffled Top.

This was a really easy and quick top to put together, but the details really give it the "wow" factor.  

The shirring at the waist really gives this top a polished, "big girl" look, which is great for kids who are going off to school and might be starting to get a little reluctant about wearing clothes that Mom has made them.

The back has a knot where the straps feed through the bodice.  This top will be adorable with a t-shirt (short or long sleeve, depending on the weather) underneath to keep it within dress code standards.  When my kids were in school, my daughter had many tops with straps like this and she had a collection of solid color t-shirts to wear under them on school days.  On the weekends, we just left the t-shirt out. 

This pattern also has the measurements to make it into a dress, which might be a better option for some girls.  My girl is a "frilly tomboy", so tops and pants work a little better with her for everyday wear.

Up next, we will be finishing up the CKC outfit with Adele's Ruffled Jacket.  

~Princess Bee~

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