Sunday, October 25, 2015

Quilt Market 2015 Recap

We're still having fun in Houston, just one day of Quilt Market left, but I want to share all we've seen so far!  We've been posting like crazy to our Instagram feed and in our Facebook Group.

I want to highlight a few things over here.  We're expanding what we're offing on the website to include patterns, books and notions.  We've already started adding notions, in the form of buttons and ribbons and laces.  We picked up some more laces and trims this weekend to add to the site and met with some suppliers that we're excited about ordering from.

Books and patterns will be showing up on the website soon, also!  We ordered a few books and picked some up while we were at Quilt Market.  I'll start adding them this week.  We found some great new clothing pattern designers that we're excited about adding to the website.

We also found some great starter quilt patterns for our customers who are wanting to get into quilting.  I'll actually be making up a sample of one of them to see how easy it is for someone who has never quilted!  Queen Bee will be able to put together kits for the quilts, coordinating accent fabrics with a main fabric of your choice.

Clover has released some new small project looms, and they look really fun!  We are talking about adding some Clover items to the website.  

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