Friday, October 30, 2015

Quilt Market Review Part 2

Part 2 of the Fall Quilt Market Review!  I have more fabrics that we saw in Houston, some of them have already been ordered, some will be up for pre-order in our group soon.

Do you have a preteen or teen girl in the house?  Does she know who the band Teen Hearts is?  The lead singer of Teen Hearts, Kelly Orr, has designed a fun, uplifting line of fabric for girls that Bitty Bee is already in love with!  

Such fun and bright prints, I can't wait to get this line in and start working with it!

Moda!!!  We ordered quite a few Moda lines, including the ones shown below.  One of them has a super fun mermaid panel to make a stuffed mermaid, pillow and quilt.  Also, some bright and colorful wovens!  The colors really pop on the wovens, designed by Luke Haynes.  If you don't know who Luke Haynes is, check him out on Instagram.  He's an extremely talented quilter.

Tamara Kate has a new line coming out called Nature Walk.  It's adorable in person, perfect for babies and younger children!  Preorder will be up soon for Nature Walk.

Finally, Ghastlies is back!!!  More fun prints of our favorite spooky family!  We really liked looking through the new designs for Ghastlies and will be posting the preorder soon.

I love the skulls!

Check back over the weekend for more of my Market Review, next time I'll be posting some of the notions, patterns and books that will be added to the website soon.

~*~Princess Bee~*~

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