Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bee Inspired: Messenger Bags

We've hit the middle of the week slump and it's time to "bee" inspired!

School is right around the corner, so for my first "Bee Inspired" post, I'm going to link up to some of my favorite messenger bags that I've found on Pinterest.  I've made sure that all of the tutorials I feature on the Bee Inspired posts are free for you, so you can save money for the fabrics and supplies needed for these great projects!

Ladies first!  This tutorial by Yards and Yards includes the instructions for adding a feminine embellishment on the front, perfect for the girly-girls heading back to school!

This messenger bag is perfect for a large floral print, like the fabric she used in hers.  And it's a very simple and straight-forward tutorial that even beginners will have no problem following.

Next, a little something for the guys.  Punkin Pattern put together this rough and rugged messenger bag tutorial and my son would love it!  

This one is a little smaller than most of the other ones I've found, but some simple math can help there!  I just love the design elements she uses, especially the hardware!  

Finally, one that can be made for the guys or the girls.  The Kennedy Bag from Sew Sweetness is one I would make for tweens or teens.  

Everything is in the details with this one, from the front patches to the hardware on the front and sides.  It's a more mature messenger for those kids going into junior high or high school.  

I hope you've been able to find a little inspiration with me today!  Go create!  And be sure to share with us on Facebook!

~Princess Bee~

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