Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bundle Up Boys: Whovian Edition

Poor Jeremy doesn't get much out of my sewing, but when Bundle Up Boys came around, I was excited to join the blog tour and make something for my little man!

Lately, Jeremy has made this geeky momma proud and has discovered a love for the Classic Doctor Who show.  We found it on Netflix and he's hooked.  He's also become a big fan of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which is a DW spinoff show.  So, what's a geeky mom to do when presented with sewing for her son?  I go geek on him!!!

He absolutely loves his TARDIS robe, which was made using the Ellie Inspired Sleepy Bear PJs.  I used felt rectangles for the TARDIS windows and used printable fabric from JoAnn's to print the Police Box info square.

For the pajama pants, I found a really neat Glow in the Dark fabric that we had in stock from Northcott.  The pattern has options for shorts or pants, but with fabric this cool, I felt that it needed to be used as much as possible, so pants it was!

I was looking for something for the Jocole Tank (the boy hates sleeping in anything with sleeves) when the latest Art Gallery shipment came in.  We ordered a really cool looking knit (we also have the same print in woven) that works great with this whole look!  I picked up the Police Box embroidery design from Urban Threads and added the text around it.

I loved working with both of these patterns for this blog tour and Jeremy is still really excited about his new "Time Lord" PJs. Next up will be a pair of boxers off of the Jocole pattern!  Maybe I can find some "Weebly Wobbly Timey Wimey" fabric for them!

"Bee" sure to check out the other great bloggers on the tour this week and make sure you get your bundle before they're gone!  Click here to buy the bundle!

As for us, we're off on another great adventure!  Happy sewing, Beauties!!!

~Princess Bee~


  1. I love this so much!! I'm determined my boys will be fans of the Doctor and I can't wait to make something this cool for them :)

  2. These are SOOO flipping cool!!! Will you be my mom and make me a pair too?!?!?! heheeh